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April 6, 2006
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Vista Folders by monolistic Vista Folders by monolistic
Vista Folders

Want to feel the "Clarity" of Windows Vista on your Windows, then clean up with these folder icons.

90 icons to transform your tired old XP (or earlier) folders in to tomorrows Vista.
The icons range from files to programs to system based properties.
Including: Visual Styles, Firefox, Adobe CS2 Assorted, Thunderbird, Security, Themes, Icons, MSN, Quicktime, Macromedia assorted (Dreamweaver etc), Games (NFSMW, GTA SA), Pictures, Music, Mobile, Iso and Uploads/Downloads. Just to name a few!!

Format: Icon file format (.ico)
Sizes: 128, 64, 48, 32, 24, 16x pixels
Icons (#): 90


Also see Vista Folders 2 and Vista Folders 3


Need help applying the icons click here.

All Rights Reserved © 2006 monolistic art
No unlicensed/unrequested use other then personal
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WhatisNot Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014
These are great for organizing file explorer desktop. Thanks!
HelenWait Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2013
Thank you!
LumpKid Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012
These icons have small images separately. Yay!
ValianTheRELover Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2011
Thanks dude :D
MIXEFX Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2010
How do I use these in windows vista as my folders, do I need a special program to make them a folder?
monolistic Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2010

There is a link in the icon packs comment, above, directing you to it.
Dancarreras Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2008
thanks a bunch, these are awesome :D
Crazy-Barca Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2008
thanks man
Madkristi Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2007
thanx!!these icons are awesome!!
Chasethebase Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2007
Very Helpful :+fav:
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